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Home Learning

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Home learning comes in lots of different ways; from activities your child joins in with the
family (e.g. games, trips and visits) to reinforcement activities that will support a subject he or
she is finding out about at school. It is not just a series of worksheets; practical activities such
as cooking and shopping can help a child progress much more.
Suggested Home/Extended Learning activities:

  • Family visits, for example, to parks, natural environments, historical sites, theatres, museums all
    help develop learning and an interest in the world around them.
  • Travelling to and using local community facilities, using different transport or walking/using a
    wheelchair and noticing landmarks and routes to develop skills of orientation, route planning and
    independent travel.
  • Practical activities around the house and community such as cooking and shopping play an
    important role in practising pupils’ knowledge and skills in a useful way; these are the ideal
    opportunities to contribute to learning.
  • Playing games as a family can support English and maths development. Your child’s teacher will
    be happy to help with ideas and advice and we offer a range of workshops throughout the year
    to support parents with this.
  • Reading through books, comics, signs and sharing a story is an important activity and we
    encourage parents to read daily with their child.
  • Watching appropriate new programmes and documentaries develop an interest in the world and
    knowledge of current affairs.
  • Clubs and leisure activities promote physical and social skills and increase confidence, fitness
    and well-being.

Home learning should be a useful and positive activity, not a chore. The time your child spends
on it is less important than his or her understanding.

View the home learning policy.

How to support home learning.

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