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Curriculum and Learning

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OFSTED November 2018

The framework for the curriculum is strong and distinctive. Leaders took the decision to create the three possible pathways for learning. They make sure that pupils experience the right pathway and that work supports their learning as well as their social and emotional needs. Learning observed across the school exemplified this well.

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Curriculum and Learning

At John Chilton School pupils are at the centre of the curriculum, and therefore its design and content aims to maximise the individual’s learning potential. We ensure that pupils’ personal priority needs are the starting point of their education, which we meet through Personalised Plans and Interventions.

The curriculum is all the planned activities that we organise in order to promote learning, personal growth and development. It includes the formal requirements of the National Curriculum and, importantly, the range of additional priorities, specialist curriculum activities and therapy programmes that the school develops in order to engage, enable, empower and equip the pupils for life. It also incorporates the ethos and environment which promote the vision of the school of developing confident, independent and motivated learners.

The school has developed three pathways of learning that meet the different cohort needs of the pupils. Pupils can move between different pathways as their needs change over time.

Curriculum Pathways

Transition Support Leaflet

EYFS Learning

Primary Learning

Phase 3 Year 7 & 8 Learning

Phase 4 Year 9,10,11 Foundation Learning

Sixth Form Learning

Curriculum Map

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  • Year 12 2016
  • Science 2016
  • RE 2016
  • PE 2016
  • Humanities 2016
  • Life Skills 2016
  • Mathematics 2016
  • Music Overview
  • Health And Welfare 2016
  • French 2016
  • English 2016
  • DT 2016
  • Art And Design 2016
  • Careers PSD 2016
  • Computing 2016
  • Drama 2016
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