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School Vision and Aims

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Vision and Aims

At John Chilton School, we strive for the development of confident, motivated and independent learners in a sociable, safe and accessible environment; supported by communication and engagement between home, school and partnerships.

We aim for our pupils to:

  • leave the school with the skills, abilities, potential and confidence to meet the challenge of adult life in a fast changing world;
  • increase their awareness of mental health and emotional well-being, to be in control of their lives and be able to self-regulate;
  • gain independence skills including, travel, community and cooking skills wherever possible;
  • understand their disability, cope with the emotional stresses often associated with disability and be empowered with the skills, knowledge and attitude to take responsibility for managing their disability into adult life;
  • develop lively, enquiring minds;
  • communicate effectively and confidently;
  • use the Internet safely and with purpose;
  • develop positive attitudes towards healthy lifestyles, promoting activity, creativity and competition through sport and leisure; develop an awareness and appreciation of art, music and the environment.
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