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Context of the School

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General Information

  • Ethos
    The staff and Governors of the school share the ethos and vision that:“At John Chilton School, we strive to promote the development of confident, motivated and independent learners in a sociable, safe and accessible environment; supported by communication and engagement between home, school and partnerships.”
  • We are an all age Reception to Y13 Community Special School (London Borough of Ealing) for pupils with moderate to severe and complex learning difficulties as a primary need or as a dual diagnosis to their medical, sensory and/or physical needs.
  • Presently there are 118 pupils on roll with a planned place provision of 95. 19.5% of pupils come from surrounding LAs.
  • We are uniquely located within the all age Alec Reed Academy (ARA) building. This provides opportunities for inclusion and integration where appropriate for individuals. Pupils from both schools can share opportunities and advantages. Pupils from the Academy may attend lessons in JCS and if a JCS pupil is able to manage in a mainstream classroom with no learning support, they may have the chance to attend some sessions at ARA. There are no barriers between the schools and pupils have many opportunities to interact socially.
Please download our Context of the School pdf.
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