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Admission Arrangements

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Admissions Arrangements

John Chilton School considers pupils for admission through Local Authority referrals.

John Chilton School is a mixed Community Special School funded by Ealing Authority. It is for pupils aged 4-17 years old. Students will have moderate to severe learning difficulties as a primary need or as a dual diagnosis to their medical or physical needs.

Pupils admitted to JCS will have an Education Health Care Plan (EHCP) in place, or being written. The pupil’s home Local Authority will coordinate this plan and has a duty to request advice and information from Health and Social Care as part of the statutory assessment process. The Local Authority must consult the child and the child’s parents/carers throughout the process of assessment and production of an EHCP. The outcomes included in the EHCP should be realistic and achievable and will be reviewed at the Annual Review Meeting. Pupils are normally considered for admission on completion of a statutory assessment.

Arrangements are made by the LA’s Special Educational Needs and Disability Department (SEND) through the SEND Panel (Tel: 0208 825 8700). In exceptional cases it may be necessary for the LA to recommend an assessment/emergency placement for a pupil at the school, due to unexpected changes in their health or development, or if a pupil with a significant learning difficulty moves into the LA. Again, any such placements would be considered and agreed by the SEND Panel.

The school has an agreed Admission Criteria which advises us. Parents/Carers are strongly advised to make a visit to view the school and gain additional information relevant to their child. The school’s SEN Information Report on the website gives more detail.

We are uniquely located within the all age Alec Reed Academy (ARA) building. This provides opportunities for inclusion and integration where appropriate for individuals. Pupils from both schools can share opportunities and advantages. Pupils from the academy may attend lessons in JCS and if a JCS pupil is able to manage in a mainstream classroom with no learning support, they may have the chance to attend some sessions at ARA.

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