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In This Section

In This SectionJohn Chilton School

School Improvement

John Chilton School aims to provide the very best education and support it can to our pupils and their families. To do this we are always looking at ways to improve and this is what we call “School Improvement”.

You don’t have to be poorly to get better!


What we do well and what we need to improve


School Improvement consists of a cycle of evaluation, research, planning and action.

Improvements since last Ofsted review


To work out how well we are doing and how we need to get better, we have meetings with and take the views of different members of the school community: staff at all levels, pupils, parents and Governors. We ask questions, get feedback and look at new opportunities.


We take all this and put it together into a Self-Evaluation Document, judging ourselves in different areas and identifying next steps for further improvements.

SEF summary 

SEND Peer Review Report


School Improvement Plan

The priorities identified through our self-evaluation and an analysis of our data goes towards our school improvement plan. This includes what we will do and why, planned actions and progress towards these. We constantly evaluate the impact of the plan to make sure that it is improving the provision for the pupils. The Senior Leadership Team discusses these with the school Governors, who have a strategic role in school improvement.

Conference Feedback 2017

 School Improvement Cycle

SIMP Priorities 2017-2018

1.1 L&M Therapies 2017-2018

1.2 L&M Lesson Study

1.3 L&M Subject Leaders

1.4 L&M Premises

2.1 T,L&A Holistic Curriculum

2.2 T,L&A Feedback

2.3 T,L&A Post 16

3.0 PD,B&W Outside & Leisure

4.0 PO VI 2017-2018


Research and Professional Development

The school is always looking for new and innovative ways of improving the provision for pupils. We carry out research in different ways to make sure that we are at the front of educational thinking. We take part in collaborative work with other institutions and organisations to improve areas of the school. Recent work has focussed on:

  • Brunel University: Physiotherapy programmes and teenagers with cerebral palsy
  • Institute of Education: Lesson Study as a professional development resource
  • City University: Staff emotional wellbeing
  • PhD research: Resilience for Newly Qualified Teachers

Also, we value professional development for all our staff very highly. Many of our staff are supported to undertake accreditation such as National Professional Qualification for Senior and Middle Leadership; Foundation Degree in Teaching and Learning. We also provide high quality tailored training for staff at all levels and parents.

The school is also a training centre and provides placements, courses, outreach and support to various trainees and schools. This includes:

  • Nursing students
  • Trainee teachers
  • Ealing Primary Teaching School Alliance
  • Moving and handling advice and training
  • Assistive technology
  • Social, emotional and mental health
  • Special educational needs and disabilities

Teaching Alliance


John Chilton School works collaboratively with other local schools.  It is an active member of the Ealing Primary Teaching School Alliance and the Woodfield Teaching School Alliance