John Chilton School

  • Address: Bengarth Road, Northolt, UB5 5LD
  • Telephone: 020 8842 1329
In This Section

In This SectionJohn Chilton School

Safeguarding – how we know what we do works

Safeguarding is taken very seriously at John Chilton School and pupils are supported to understand how to keep themselves as safe as possible.

We know that our procedures work because our pupils tell us in different ways: through videos, role plays, poster making, surveys, asking for help and telling us about their concerns.

You can see some of their work and comments in the links below.

Adult Q: What things make you feel safe at school?

Pupil A: Staff make us feel independent so that we are safe wherever we are.

Adult Q: What lesson helps you to feel safe wherever you are?

Pupil N: Travel training lessons

Tender Reclaim Project