John Chilton School

  • Address: Bengarth Road, Northolt, UB5 5LD
  • Telephone: 020 8842 1329
In This Section

In This SectionJohn Chilton School



We want to make sure that the pupils at John Chilton School get the best education we can give them. This includes:

  • The academic curriculum offered; e.g. maths, English, science, music, etc.
  • The environment; e.g. the classrooms, displays, playgrounds, etc.
  • Social activities; e.g. clubs, playtimes, meal times, etc.
  • Additional provision; e.g. therapies, assistive technology, emotional support, booster groups, etc.
  • Special events and celebrations; e.g. visitors such as the ballet, music companies; visits, family events, etc.

To know how well we are doing and how effective our teaching and learning is, we have a quality assurance form that we complete each term. We have a number of different ways to gather the evidence for this.

By scrutinising teaching and learning in these different ways we are able to build up a fuller picture of the quality of provision in our school. It helps us to understand where and how we can improve and what staff development and learning we need to provide.

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