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In This SectionJohn Chilton School

Parent Partnership

A huge body of evidence tells us that children of parents who are actively engaged in their learning make greater progress than other children and that the gains made in achievement as a result of this engagement tend to be permanent. At John Chilton School we want to work together with parents to enable the best outcomes for pupils and families.

Ealing Family School Partnership Award


Increasingly schools are providing a huge range of services and support to parents and carers in order to engage them in their children’s learning and develop their own skills. The Ealing Family School Partnership Award was developed by the Ealing Extended Services Team and aimed to build on and enhance this work by providing:

- A model to review family engagement at a strategic level

- Resources & support to build capacity in schools

- An award for schools to work towards


In developing the award framework the team drew on feedback from school leaders as well as: carrying out a comprehensive review of current research and literature; reviewing other awards and schemes; and looking at good practice worldwide. Parent surveys and focus groups were also conducted to ensure the views of local parents are reflected.

John Chilton School set up a working party and developed an action plan based on parent views given from a successful survey questionnaire. You can see the changes embedded from the actions and the Ealing Family School Partnership celebration booklet 2017 by following the links below.

Ealing Family School Partnership celebration booklet 2017

Ealing Family School Partnership Award